Getting a Construction General Permit is required in order to push the construction procedures forward. All construction sites have to follow erosion and sediment runoff control during the process in order to ensure that there are not introduced hazard to drinking water. With this in mind, there are two different categories of site requirements which need to be taken into consideration. They are based on the size of the area which is going to be disturbed. A Notice of Intent (NOI) is a requisite in both categories, so regardless of whether your construction site is less than 5 acres or more than that, you would still have to file it. However, let’s get into further details and take a look at the specifications about SWPPP compliance requirements.


Large Construction Sites

A SWPPP for large construction sites which are going to disturb an area of at least five or more acres is absolutely mandatory. However, in order to obtain the coverage you would need to:

  • Develop and also implement the SWPPP
  • Submit a Notice of Intent as well as application fee to the TCEQ
  • Post a copy of your NOI as well as the Construction Site Notice at the construction site itself. This is intended for public viewing opportunities.


Small Construction Sites

In order to ensure that you get the Construction General Permit for your small construction site, you have to follow a few regulatory steps. However, you should know that a small site is a one which is disturbing an area of one acre or more than that but no more than 5 acres as it’s going to fall within the upper definition of a large construction site. So, even if you site is less than 5 acres, you would still have to abide by certain regulations, including submission of a NOI.

  • You have to develop as well as to implement the SWPPP
  • Complete, submit and post a site NOI for the reasons mentioned above.

As you can see, the requirements for smaller constructions sites are a bit easier to adhere to, but they still have to be taken into account. With this in mind, it’s essential to submit a NOI, regardless of the space that your construction site is going to disturb. So, if your engineer has told you to file a NOI, you should certainly listen to him, even if your site is less than 5 acres of area.

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