Obtaining a Construction General Permit is going to require you to go through quite a few things, regardless of whether your construction site is more or less than 5 acres. The first thing that you would need to take into consideration is SWPPP Compliance which is absolutely mandatory. With this being said, you would have to make sure that a proper SWPPP is both developed and implemented in order to obtain the Construction General Permit.

On the other hand, you would also have to file the so-called NOI (Notice of Intent). Once again, this is important and necessary, regardless of the area that your construction site is going to cover as both small and large areas fall within the regulations of SWPPP Inspections. There are three ways for you to file this NOI – through the fax, through the mail and online. One of the most convenient ways to file your NOI is online through the TCEQ’s Steers program.

How to Create a Steers Account

The first thing that you would need to do is to check whether your program area falls within the supported areas by the Steers program. If it does, you can create an account. However, there is mandatory information which has to be provided in order to successfully complete the registration process.

Necessary Account Information

New accounts registered with the Steers program are given limited access until you send out a hard-copy SPA or if the SPA is signed electronically using the Driver’s License of the account holder. The signed SPA has to be received by the Steer program as this is required by the legal provisions and the EPA for the electronic signatures. There are penalizing provisions in case you fail to submit the signed SPA. Failing to do so within 15 days of account creation is going to get your account locked and after 30 days it’s going to get archived. Every single Steers account has to have a unique e-mail address, and it has to be owned by an individual, physical entity and not by a company.

Upon registering for the Steers system, you are going to be able to submit and file a wide range of documents through it in order to spare yourself the hassle. This is going to ensure easier and faster SWPPP Compliance as the filing of your Notice of Intent is part of getting the overall Construction General Permit. Make sure to follow the regulations closely in order to avoid unwanted delays and potential penalties.

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