TCEQ SWPPP requirements often confuse many construction developers as they find it a tad bit complicated. Yet simple steps like filing your NOI with the TCEQ Steers program are not only easy but also vital for the full compliance of the SWPPP regulations for your construction sites in Texas. Here is a systematic guideline to help you register with TCEQ and then file an NOI for your project directly on the TCEQ website.

Creating an account with Steers
  • Go to the site under the Steers menu.
  • Click on “I need to create a new account” and then proceed to create new account options under the menu
  • Enter all valid information about your company. Please note, the account itself is assigned only to an individual so a representative of your company will need to fill in his/her details along with a unique email identity.
  • Once you have provided your phone number and all details you will be shown a page with Steers account that already exists and might be similar to your name. If none of these belong to you, simply click next to move on.
  • Provide some unique security question as your vital information and always have this information protected and memorized. Every time you log in to your account, you will be asked one of these security details to verify your identity.
  • Once you have saved all of these details, click on Storm Water General Permit’s area to set the access type for your ePermits. If you are an individual, you will need to select “Storm Water Sign”, if you are an executive officer representing a company you need to select “Storm Water Preparer”.
  • Always clearly select the authorizing personnel of the account. Under this area, you need to specify whether you are applying for a signatory role or a preparer role.
  • Add access for your specified personnel and then follow the specific instructions that Steers sends to your email ID to complete the verification and setting of a unique password. Your account with Steers is ready.
Filing a NOI (Notice of Intent)
  • Go to the TCEQ. Texas. Gov website and log in to your Steers account with the ER number and password you created in the section above. You will need to provide the answer to the security question that pops on to the screen.
  • For SWPPP Permit access, you need to click on the EPR SW and fill the significant application you want. It can be a notice of change, notice of renewal, or notice of termination. You will need to fill in the complete set of new questions pertaining to your new NOI that you have logged in for.
  • Sign the document, pay the relevant fees and submit the online application. You will be directed to a screen, which shows your signed copy of the application, the permit and a notice stating acceptance of the application. Always download these documents, make copies and save in a safe place- usually in a SWPPP project book.


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